Broncos vs. Bears

Broncos vs. Bears Live stream. David Ramsey: 3 things to watch when Broncos battle Bears. Bears vs. Broncos preseason Week 1: Complete game preview

Broncos vs. Bears Live

redIt’s fascinating for fans to ponder a quarterback controversy. Lines are drawn. Strong feelings develop. In Colorado this summer, Trevor Siemian vs. Paxton Lynch became the dominant sports conversation. The topic has rescued many a lagging conversation and added fuel to sports talk radio.

On Thursday night, the Chicago Bears will open their preseason slate at home against the Denver Broncos. Denver provides a tough test for the Bears as they look to get their preseason off on the right foot.

Obviously, wins and losses mean nothing here. The starters for both teams will likely only play a series or two before the second, third and end of the roster players take over. Offensive and defensive schemes will be vanilla as both coaching staffs will simply be looking to see how their team handles its first live game action.


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