Panthers vs. Jaguars

Panthers vs. Jaguars Live stream mfl. Carolina Panthers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Offensive players to watch. Jaguars vs. Panthers: 10 Jacksonville players to watch in the third preseason game.

Panthers vs. Jaguars Live Stream

Panthers Wire: There was a lot of debate among Panthers fans over whether they should draft Leonard Fournette or Christian McCaffrey. Do you have a preference? How does Fournette look so far?

James Johnson: I didn’t have a preference between the two but liked both prospects coming out of college. That being said, I actually didn’t want the Jags to take a running back with the No. 5 overall pick because — to me — the class was deep enough to get one later in the draft.

However, Fournette has looked great in practice and looked solid in his first preseason game against the New England Patriots. Granted they mostly used their reserves, but he finished the night with nine carries for 31-yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately,

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