Steelers vs. Giants

Steelers vs. Giants Live stream. Steelers vs. Giants 2017 Preseason: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, announcers and more. Steelers vs. Giants Preseason Week 1: What to expect when the Steelers are on defense.

Steelers vs. Giants Live


The Pittsburgh Steelers kick off their 2017 preseason with a road trip to New York to play the Giants. The Steelers won’t have many starters at their disposal, for both personnel and injury reasons, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be football to watch.

Preseason football is better than no football, in my opinion, and you will get to see players who are killing themselves for a shot to make the team. Desperation has a way of making things exciting, but for all the tiny details of the game

Pittsburgh really struggled in 2016 with their coverage schemes. Too much soft zone defense allowed opposing offenses to pick the Steelers’ secondary apart when the pass rush didn’t do its part. So now the defense is going to go with a higher risk,

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